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Short note on the matter of Matterhorn by Lucie Tuma

This one is famous. Pictured not only on countless packages of Toblerone but
also carved out into the shape of that chocolate itself. What a monument.
Materialized concept of alpinism – conquering of nature & as a side product,
spilling out the notion of nation. Discovering landscape via aesthetics and
building the nation go hand in hand. And no, probably there is no correlation
between the two NAT’s yet it is a peculiar corroespondance of sounds. Nature
and Nation. Same time, same place. Matterhorn. Climbing climax, uplifted
human kind, hyper scientific quanatification, excellency of measurements,
precise technique, endless progress etc. The monument of and for that,
Matterhorn both as national territory, success in opportunistic politics aka
professional economy and interest driven politics aka the example of not
having to partake in colonialisation yet having the benefits of slave trade and
monopolisation for the authentic recipe of some really well-crafted chocolate,
well all this and on the other hand, the materialised triangular-shaped sweet
with a relief of the actual figure of Matterhorn, globally distributed in duty
free shops and elsewhere. This one really is truly international and famous.
And even though it is excellently measured and thorougly explored, what is
mostly unknown about Matterhorn is that actually, it’s Africa. Tectonically
spoken, this horn of matter is absolutely African, not one sinlge doubt about
Geology and Swiss geology in particular is pretty advanced. No mistakes on
heritage and trajectory and composition and structural geometry.

Let’s draw some attention to the performance of matter.

Performance. So tired of that word.

Let’s start calling what we do – treatments.

It’s not a service. As it serves no other thing than itself.

It’s not a situation. As there is no psychology in matters of matter.

It’s necessary to call it something, and treating the vocab with care is good.

Poetics is a technology of camouflage and at the same time, the only way
how to engage seriously with pro-duction. Bringing forth something that has
not been there before via treatment of ... exactly. Something we can’t name
yet, as it is yet to come forth.

Dance, obviously.

Like you never did before.

Lucie Tuma at Gessnerallee Zürich

2012: Passive Movement

Team «on the rocks»

Ricardo Eizirik
Laura Endres
Kahori Furukawa
Daniel Goody, Claudia Hill
Jessica Huber
Christina Hug
Igor Kretzu
Julie Laporte
Daniela Lehmann
Valentin Lorenz
Tabea Magyar
David Marques
Clea Onori
Aga Pędziwiatr
Oliver Pflug
Michele Piazzi
Patrick Rohner
Rosie Terry Toogood
Lucie Tuma
Karol Tyminski
Noël Van Kelst
Elizabeth Waterhouse