Sherry Truck Sherapy

Ann Liv Young

Sherry is back! For the season opening, Gessnerallee and Fabriktheater are presenting Sherry Vignon alias Ann Liv Young. With her show «Cinderella» at the «Keine Disziplin» festival, the famous therapist has already helped audiences in Zurich to improve their mental state. Now she’s coming to town with her Sherry Truck, offering 30-minute therapy sessions for individuals, couples, small artists’ collectives, families and anyone who can’t afford therapy, since the sessions are for free! 

The Sherry Truck is a mobile boutique, café, therapy room and flexible performance platform rolled into one. In this special environment, Sherry and her helpers serve pink lattes and treat you to a pedicure or a manicure; there’ll be performance relics, the Sherry Show and Sherapy sessions.


Information and registration for the 30-minute sessions from 18 – 20 September via and for 21 September via