JJ's voices

Benoît Lachambre / Cullberg Ballet

The internationally renowned Canadian choreographer Benoît Lachambre drew his inspiration for the performance «JJ’s voices» from the singer Janis Joplin. Taking songs such as «Down on Me» and «Piece of my Heart», he developed a portrait of the contemporary human being as a an individual torn between conflicting desires for maximum anonymity, control, loss of control and the desperate craving for self-realisation.

Famous for their technical perfection, the eight outstanding dancers of the Cullberg Ballet translate the self-destructive singer’s melodies into choreographies. Concepts such as «listen inside», «collapse tongue» and «multiple emotions» are interpreted as instructions and unambiguously implemented. In this way, they bring the hippie movement’s longing for freedom into the 21st century.

Choreographer, dancer and dance teacher Benoît Lachambre is the founder of the par b.l.eux company and is well known in Zurich for his cooperation with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods over many years, especially for their joint work “Forgeries, Love and Other Matters”. 


© Carl Thorborg
© Carl Thorborg
© Carl Thorborg
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