Bernhard Mikeska

Zurich, main station. The end of the tracks. People coming from somewhere, going somewhere else. Amidst them, as if in a time capsule, a man and a woman. What destiny links them? Inspired by Chris Marker’s film-novel LA JETÉE from 1962, director Bernhard Mikeska tells of the beginning of a great love in the middle of a collapsing society and of the vision of one’s own death.

In pairs, audience members search for the traces of a past that slowly seems to become their own. Equipped with iPods and headphones they immerse themselves in complex soundscapes. A virtual reality takes shape in the everyday present of the city. People who have never met before are brought together, they observe each other, they interact without speaking – and thus become the main protagonists of the evening.

After the site-specific project GHOSTS, with which mikeska:plus:blendwerk took the audience on a journey in the tracks of Paul Auster through Zurich’s 3rd district in 2007, and the play AUGEN :: BLICKE in front of the shop window of the LOEB department store on Bern’s Spitalgasse during summer 2012, Bernhard Mikeska now adapts the movie LA JETÉE for Zurich’s main station and its surroundings.


Reservation required, ticket numbers limited: 

18 Wed
18.30 bis 21.00
19 Thu
18.30 bis 21.00
20 Fri
18.30 bis 21.00
17 Thu
18.30 bis 21.00
18 Fri
18.30 bis 21.00
21 Mon
18.30 bis 21.00
24 Thu
18.30 bis 21.00
25 Fri
18.30 bis 21.00