Tell Me Love Is Real

Zachary Oberzan (USA)

In the winter of 2012 two renown American performance artists were sitting in anonymous hotel rooms on the West coast waiting for their stage call. Through a bizarre coincidence both took an overdose of Xanax at the same time. One survived, one did not. The two were Whitney Houston who died tragically, and the author of this evenening, who survived. In psychiatric therapy he began a trying and experimental journey toward healing. He was haunted by one question in particular: What is life and why should we live it? Looking back onto the 37 years of his life he found a simple answer, albeit a hard one to realise: love. In search of a hero who could show him the path to enlightenment the music and film based show turns toward the ghosts of Buddy Holly, Amelia Earhart, Bruce Lee, Serge Gainsbourg.

Zachary Oberzan has been part of several productions as a member of the internationally renown New York theatre collective Nature Theater of Oklahoma. With his first solo piece «Your brother. Remember?» he has been successfully touring the world since 2010 and also appeared at the Theaterspektakel in Zurich. «Tell Me Love Is Real» is his second solo piece.


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© Manu Bloemen
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