Katharina Cromme

There are only three existential conflicts. The oldest of which is: the human being against god. The most recent one: human against machine. And the biggest: human against human. What happens when these three happen at the same time? Can love save us from cosmic solitude?
Jason is an astronaut. His uncle Cheiron sends him off through a wormhole to search for intelligent life far away from our world. And indeed: 490 light years away he comes across a twin to planet earth. There he encounters the young revolutionary Absyrtus who wants to make his homeland a better place, and he also meets his father, king Aeëtes, whose mind has long gone to another place. And then the love of his life appears: Medea. Her hope for a better world is so big that she abandons everything and accompanies Jason to planet earth.
But there does not seem to be any room for them anymore. Democracy has been abolished, old fences and walls are higher than ever before. Medea finds hostility, fear and disdain, since her being foreign scares them. Humanity has become an endangered species, and obviously she is going to defend life, the way she is used to, with terrible consequences...


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