Come north, baby.


Come north, baby. Track 3
Performative installation at Nordflügel Gessnerallee

A project by FRICTION in collaboration with Bettina Diel, Fabrizia Flühler, Esther Mathis and Trio Heinz Herbert

Fall in love with yourself and your surrounding.

Walk through the room. Open yourself. Let go. Experience time, space, and emotions.
Explore performances, video installations and sound from different artists.
Inhale... Relax your scalp and head... exhale... Let the tension go away even more...
Breathe in... Pink lights.

We invite you to stay for one hour. As the installation is durational, you may come and go as you feel like.

The installation is open 18 + 20 June from 7 - 11 pm.

On June 19 the installation is closed but come and have a dance with FRICTION and friends at Zigiroom next to Nordflügel where you can smoke and drink.

Tanzveranstaltung, 19 June from 11 pm at Zigiroom, Stall 6 with the one and only DJ Carlo Cannone.


23 Thu Nordflügel
ab 19.00
24 Fri Nordflügel
ab 19.00
25 Sat Nordflügel
ab 19.00
28 Thu Nordflügel
21.00 bis 22.30
29 Fri Nordflügel
21.00 bis 22.30
30 Sat Nordflügel
21.00 bis 22.30
18 Thu Nordflügel
19.00 bis 23.00
19 Fri Zigiroom
ab 23.00
20 Sat Nordflügel
19.00 bis 23.00