Wenn Liebe nicht mehr das ist, was sie war

/ Shakespeares Sonette

Michel Schröder, Boris Nikitin, Phil Hayes, Tobias Bühlmann, Miet Warlop und mehr

«When love is not what it once was», then one either looks back with a heavy heart, or one euphorically invents visions of new and unspoilt concepts of love. Or both at the same time. Be it procreational propaganda, declarations of love to men, women, and hermaphrodites, astronomy, tips for becoming immortal: Shakespeare’s sonnettes offer a colourful variety of topics and a marvelous ground for a contemporary, artistic exploration.

During four nights in June, in an initiative by the Zurich bases group kraut_production around director Michel Schröder and by the Gessnerallee, together with Boris Nikitin, Phil Hayes, Tobias Bühlmann, Miet Warlop and more independent stage artists and musicians, we will celebrate love between all the sexes, listen to hormone-rushed songs, dive into bizarre images and drink a lot of beer. We’ll have pigling and tantalising music.


 Duration: at least 2 hours / food and drinks are complimentary

25 Thu Halle
26 Fri Halle
27 Sat Halle
28 Sun Halle