Abschlussfest Festspiele & Saisonabschlussparty


Festivities are at their best when we can leave behind the everyday with all its dependencies on material goods and with all the trailing egative emotions. Therefore, we are going to celebrate the end of the Festspiele and the end of the Season at Gessnerallee until we forget who or what or where we are. The evening starts off with alcohol, shifts over to blurred perceptions and ends in the dissolution of self. Money, power and even love lose their significance.

As It Empties Out is the biggest solo project so far by the dancer and choreographer Jefta van Dinther who’s very physical and wild style is prospering on international stages. In Zurich he last performed at the festival «Keine Disziplin» with his piece «Grind» in which he use lighting in a very unsettling way. «As It Empties Out», again, distorts our perception in an infatuating way and leads us to a place where we lose the sense of time and space. In fantastic sequences Jefta van Dinther morphes the bodies of six dancers into the very place of performance. Through rituals, seemingly endless energy discharges, emotions and an incredible repertoire of modes of expression the dancers outgrow themselves and fill the entire room.

Afterwards we go outside where the band Oy transforms the front of the Gessnerallee into a shamanistic cult site. Polyrhythmic, wild and professional. The magic burns right into the night with the global bass collective Tropical Continent Soundsystem from Zurich and the host-mastermind MC Zimbabwe Bird.
19:00 Eröffnung mit Musik & Apero

20:00 «As It Empties Out» Jefta van Dinther

21:30 Oy (Crammed Discs/Berlin)

23:00 Party mit Tropical Continent Soundsystem