Benoît Lachambre / Fabrice Ramalingom / Hahn Rowe

Strange alien dwarfs, cool guys, magicians, asexual bodies, animals or alchemists? In «Hyperterrestres» the quick-change artists and dancers Benoît Lachambre and Fabrice Ramalingom take us on a trip into our subconsciousness in which primitive and intuitive body forms bring forth archaic memories. The two converse in unknown tongues and are inhabited by foreign forms. Movement and language appear extra- or sub-terrestrial. Certainly outside of any possible definition. And the great Hahn Rowe robes this superterrestrial world with a heartbreaking soundscape. Go there and lose yourself!

The choreographer, dancer and dance teacher Benoît Lachambre is founder of company par b.l.eux and in Zurich he is known for his longstanding collaboration with Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods. The musician Hahn Rowe has shown collaborative works in Zurich such as «Supernatural» or «Uniform» with Simone Aughterlony.

No specific language skills needed.


03 Wed Halle
04 Thu Halle