Lovey Ailish Guerrero

children an youngsters under 16: entrance free
16 and older: 16 CHF
(reservation required: or 044 225 81 10)

All ages are welcome.

«The show is about three unicorns and their fight against the evil pony Black Sha-dow. It is an unjust fight because Black Shadow’s cave is far away and inaccessi-ble for the unicorns – Black Shadow, in turn, can fly to the kingdom of the uni-corns and ponies: to Golden City. The ponies try to defend the city with all their might but Black Shadow manages to get in. The show is about the way the uni-corns resist evil – and ultimately win.»

Lovey Ailish Guerrero

In her first full-feature piece the eight year old Lovey Guerrero uses drawings, toys, music and acting to tell a moral fairy tale. The performers are doubled by toys, ac-ting and puppetry alternate. Their exploration of size differences illustrates the pa-radox of growing up: we are young and inexperienced and we grow up by imitating maturity and wisdom.

The «young» performer Lovey Ailish Guerrero convinced both media and audience in her mother Ann Liv Young’s productions «Sleeping Beauty» and «Elektra Caba-ret». «Unicorn» is her first internationally touring piece.

Performance in English and in German.


07 Sun Halle
08 Mon Halle