Digital Technology (Try-Out)

Mårten Spångberg lädt zur gemeinsamen Meditation mit Objekten ein

«Seven years ago a journey started. An adventure taken up to study the secret life of objects. Does the texture of time transform through living in close proximity with objects; not as tools or souvenirs, not as pets or substitutes for loved ones, but as objects, just objects? There’s more to it and than that performativity. It’s just grown a little shy, lately.
Objects withdraw. As one grows older ones future decreased, second by second. At some point the past catches up with your future. To live with the experience that one’s future lies behind is to cope with loneliness.
Digital Technology is a meditation in the company of objects, a feed of impressions that comes to an end and ice-cream. It’s nothing special, ok?»


08 Mon Südbühne