/ Durational Performance

Oliver Roth (eingeladen von FRICTION)

Die Performance beginnt um 17:00 Uhr und dauert ca. 2,5h. Die Gäste können während der Performance den Raum jederzeit betreten und verlassen.

The performance starts at 5 pm and continues for about 2.5h. Guests may enter, leave and re-enter the space at any point during the course of the performance.

I’m the product of natural selection when my parents decided to have sex. But I make the daily decision not to be fat, to have my hair long and in natural colour, to have several tattoos and to have a piercing in my vagina. Only some of my shiftings are visible. My sneakers are too tight so they make me walk silly as I have distortion with my legs. The sidepieces of my glasses are too tight they leave two furrows in my head and make me look seriously skinny sometimes. The heredity of features skips one generation, my grandson will maybe have the same eyes as I have. You can’t wait for that. You can have it your way. Do you consider your body as a product of nature? Your body is a wonderland. Would you rather have sex with me or with my clone?


06 Sat Nordflügel
17.00 bis 20.00