Tenir le temps

Rachid Ouramdane

Who controls a society of such enormous speed? How does a political movement start off? How does a physical movement start? Who initiates it? In the impressive work «Tenir le temps» 15 dancers form a mechanical structure which overpowers itself again and again: through rhythmic actions, through domino effects and through chain reactions. The capacity of the individual body to adapt becomes visible, genders do not matter anymore, they vanish; inside the mass the bodies start to outgrow themselves. The art film «The Way Things Go» (1988) by Fischli/Weiss served as inspiration to this piece: an explosion starts spinning a wheel, the wheel kicks off a palette which throws over a bottle filled with acid. The minimalist compositions by Jean-Baptiste Julien further move the evening like spirals turning into infinity.

The French-Algerian star-choreographer Rachid Ouramdane has worked with artists such as Emanuelle Huynh, Odile Duboc, Hervé Robbe, Meg Stuart, Christian Rizzo, Alain Buffard and Julie Nioche. Ouramdane was a guest at the Gessnerallee in 2013 when he showed his acclaimed work «Sfumato».


03 Fri Halle
04 Sat Halle