Die grosse bunte Bunny Schau (Folge #4 Plastik)

/ Wer räumt das alles auf?

CapriConnection (Abelein | Dankbar)

«I think there is an evil force within the Universe... it is made of plastic.»

Sleek, colourful, happy and anti-bourgeois, suitable for mass production, functional and cheap. A material conquered art and our everyday. Plastic could do anything! Plastic was pop. We became addicted to the frenzy of colours and forms. We had such fun with plastic. It was the material of our dreams. Suddenly plastic is everywhere. In egg cups, plates, tables and chairs, our shirts and clothes, in shoes, in computers, in phones, in toothpaste, in shower gels and shampoos, in make-up, in mussels, fish, crabs, in receipts and now it is inside of us. Shit. Plastic.
Bunny Show turns into a chemistry lab, a Tupperware party and into an outcry against false promises! It is going to be colourful, loud and we are going to have a lot of fun.

#4 PLASTIK is the last part of our Great & Colourful Garbage Series.


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