On the Rocks

Lucie Tuma

Mountain grooves: «On the Rocks» is a musical for plastic minerals, oil stalactites, angels and stones, supported by one mountain and up to 15 excellent dancers. «On the Rocks» is a time-based sculpture consisting of hybrid materials that produce a planet we may recognize without ever having been there. Once in a while it is haunted by a ghost that goes under the name of «Volkskörper». There will be picnic, glamour, beautiful nature, some soccer and a lot of future folk dancing. Volkskörper. Omnipresent and ever so flexible. That ghost tumbles through ancient pyramid gymnastics, worn out exhausted lycra bikinis and overstretched sweat pants. It sticks to the phantom pain of LED thumbs overwhelmed by everyday technology and its endless always-too-late. Songs of yearning forever as a farewell to alienated euphoria. There is no time here and at the same time, all the time in the world. It is in the uninterrupted now that the Dance of the Capricorns is taken into the archive of Swiss dance history and finally, finally, some stones get rolling. It’s the end of the season. Lucie Tuma & Co. invite to a megalomaniac festivity and into an ecology of being alone together. Wicked vibe in a landscape of expenditure - ain’t no mountain high enough. Viens viens!


«On the Rocks» is the third part of the Volkskörper trilogy by Lucie Tuma. #3 builds upon and continues an on-going endeavour towards the production of a particular attention—between active and passive—as a minimal attention that is hard to describe if not experienced and manages to change time. For each part of the Volkskörper trilogy, settings have been developed in relation to the experience of different temporalities and their relation to non-human figures: ritualistic and mathematical evocations in the neo-shamanistic #1: solo for every body (Solo, 2012), and the evocation of tectonic dimensions with the help of geology, speculations and science fiction in the context of #2: choreography of tectonics (book and a series of strolls/walking practice – guided walks, 2014). #3, «On the Rocks», launches from the proposal of a future Volkskörper—imagination of a folk yet to come and a corpus of entities not exclusively reserved for humans, while celebrating dance and poetry vis-a-vis the monumentality of the mountain. «On the Rocks» engages in the simulation of the aesthetic experience of nature in the theatre space.


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