ROUTINE, a documentation of real time


«Routine» is based on research about the everyday life of the other conducted by the Zurich collective Fluoressenz. The artistic translation-routine will be articulated through dance, music, and projection.
Shifting of time and space. Eight hours time difference, eight hours with strangers in a room, eight hours to superimpose three memories. Eight performers animate the spatial organism. Changes will be recorded. Sound creates dance. Dance creates unusual routines. Bodies adjust. The familiar constantly changes. Floodwaves start rolling in, the northern wing shakes. The events make evident how everything is in a permanent state of interaction and communicative exchange.

Special Note:
The audience is requested to bring raw vegetables, which will be used during the performance to prepare a shared meal.


→ no language skills needed → Duration: 8h / (repeated) entrance at any time possible

 → Duration: 8h / (repeated) entrance at any time possible

04 Sat Nordflügel
17.00 bis 01.00
10 Fri Nordflügel
18.00 bis 02.00
12 Sun Nordflügel
12.00 bis 20.00