TAAT (Breg Horemans / Gert-Jan Stam)

free entrance anytime possible / you may have to expect waiting times

«Theater as architecture» or «architecture as theater» is the simple and yet complex plan of the creators of TAAT. Two spectators each enter the parallel corridors of adjacent rooms at the same time. Completely ordinary behavior becomes a spontaneous performance. What kind of plot unfolds when viewing slits provide a glimpse of the neighboring person? What stories do we allow to meander into this theatrical installation? Is there a catharsis waiting at the end of the journey?

Moderated Meetings

HALL is an architecture and theater at the same time and it is also the staged encounter of two (sometimes) strangers. For the opening and once through the middle of the run of the installation the coproducers of HALL06 and the artists of TAAT have invited two guests. Both will experience the installation together and afterwards share their experiences with the audience in a public moderated conversation. For the event on 30 January the installation HALL06 will also be positioned in the context of temporary buildings for the World’s Fair EXPO.

25 January 2018, 18 h
with Maika Knoblich (Quast & Knoblich) u. Daniel Morgenthaler (Helmhaus Zürich)

30 January 2018, 19 h
with Xavier Bellprat (Bellprat Partners) und Christoph Kellenberger (OOS)
Introduction by Martin Joos (Renggli AG, SIA) und Gert-Jan Stam (TAAT) from 18:30 h


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