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Delphi belongs to the days of yore! During «Keine Disziplin», the temple will stand in front of the entrance to Gessnerallee. The seers Cassandra and Pythia prophesied at the Oracle, but according to legend, never met. Through the fictional characters of artists Mira Kandathil and Annina Machaz, however, they can fiwnally meet. Drawing upon mythical knowledge accumulated during periods of crises in classical antiquity, they summon up poetic answers to contemporary personal and political questions posed by us, the pilgrims who have traveled from near and far.


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25 Thu Tempel vor der Gessnerallee
18.00 bis 22.00
26 Fri Tempel vor der Gessnerallee
18.00 bis 22.00
27 Sat Tempel vor der Gessnerallee
16.00 bis 22.00