Normcore + Mittagessen


Why not take your lunch break in the theater for once? On 31 January from 12:30 PM you can enjoy a delicious lunch buffet in our Foyer in Stall 6. Afterwards the entertaining forty-minute theater piece «Normcore» offers additional food for thought.

Director Alexander Giesche takes a critical look at the current trend of wishing to be «in shape». This seems to be the new norm. Best-selling fitness apps like Freeletics and Runstatic promise muscle gain along with a sense of overall well-being. In «Normcore» two male protagonists immerse themselves in the virtual world of gaming in order to get a better grip on our contemporary notions of the perfect body. After all it is no longer just the female body that has turned into a cultural object. What body norms do young men submit themselves to and what does the cult of the body do to them?

This unique combi package we offer for only CHF 32 per person (excl. drinks). Groups of 5 persons, only 26 CHF per person. Group reservation via email to:



→ non-language based performance
31 Wed Halle