Learning to Deal with Art

Diskussion im Rahmen von «Dealing with Art»

The workshop «Dealing with Art» parallel to the festival «Keine Disziplin» gathers a group of productions managers from all over Switzerland in Gessneralle to approach the questions of their craft. What does production management mean today? What are challenges to confront when stretching local and contextual limits? How to open a field to artists, wherein they can produce outside of market logics? In a public conversation participants and guests together with the audience address international approaches to education of production managers in an ever-changing profession: Learning-by-Doing, academies, informal professional trainings, and entire courses of studies. Which job descriptions are core to the various possibilities? What are the scenes people are getting trained for? And what skills do production managers need to feel secure in their field today?

With Noémie Delfgou (RESO, CH), Bruno Seger (Center for Arts Managment ZHAW, CH), Katja Sonnemann (Academy for Performing Arts Producers, DE), Marijke Schaap (DAS Creative Producing, NL)
moderated by Lisa Letnansky (Dealing with Art, CH)  


31 Wed Stall 6