The Last Goodbye / Vibrant Matter

Benny Claessens / HAU Hebbel am Ufer

Standstill is a syncope in which the private touches the societal. Hovering in this emptiness and insignificance, there is an expectation of something new, something larger that could fill this vacuum. He directs our gaze to what is coming. Saying farewell to the body, to conditions, to heteronormativity, to everything, it is the introduction to what should be of interest to us: the future. Goodbye as an end point, the beginning of every good story.

The actor and performer Benny Claessens, who enchanted our audiences and the press with «Hello Useless – for W and Friends» and made us cry presents The Last Goodbye / Vibrant Matter with his first group work at the Gessnerallee.


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28 Fri Halle
29 Sat Halle