Ouvertures dans la nuit


mercimax travel together around the sun with exoplanet researcher Caroline Dorn and various artists. On the journey with their fellow travelers, they encounter the four seasons and wander through the night, looking at the starry sky, sitting by the fire, enjoying the attractions of the finite world, and contemplating time, space, and the unlikely existence of humanity on a small blue planet somewhere in the universe.

21 September 2018, day and night equal length, autumnal equinox
21 December 2018, longest night, winter equinox
21 March 2019, day and night equal length, spring equinox
21 June 2019, shortest night, summer equinox

Start point for the first night walk on 21 September 2018: 21.00, Gessnerallee ticket office
Wear study shoes and weatherproof clothing (not barrier-free)
End point: 00.30, Gessnerallee

The night walk will take place in any weather. The walk can be combined with Zwischen den Säulen by Markus&Markus, which begins at 19:30 on the same evening.


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21 Fri Treffpunkt: Kasse