Cheap Thrill / Live: Sheila She Loves You (Basel)

They are younger and better than most musicians. Euphorically desperate and hopelessly romantic. Is this kitsch? No way. «Sheila She Loves You» are swimming the fancy waters of bands like «The Cure», «Jesus & Marychain», «David Bowie» or «The Kooks» with loads of charm and straightforwardness. They played their way into the hearts of the audience with exuberant live energy and low-ride versions of pop gems on their relentless tour of Swiss clubs. Apart from support gigs for «I am Kloot», «The Hoosiers», «Yeti», «Blondelle» and the «Lovebugs» they won the first prize at numerous band contests.

13 Sat Stall 6
ab 22.00