Backslash Festival by Night

electronic culture & digital arts

Backslash Festival is a festival for electronic culture and digital arts.

BACKSLASH BY NIGHT (Tickets required ( «early bird»-tickets available now)
Two nights packed with forward-thinking electronic live acts, hybrid and DJ sets, a series of edgy performances and theatre plays, accompanied by an ongoing new media and video art exhibition. Sonic bliss will be provided through a venue-tailored Funktion-One system.

BACKSLASH BY DAY (free entrance / reservation required)
Talks, round tables, screenings as well as workshops, where we happily invite you to be an active part of the festival.

More information as well the detailed programme on 

Bonnie, Camilla Sparksss (live), Dimette, Giant Swan (live), Gregory Hari (performance), HØRD (live), Ink!, Jolly, LDR, Mateo Hurtado (live), (MusicFor)Eggplant (performance), IOKOI presents MM (live), Jefta van Dinther (performance), Jeremy Wade & Julian Weber (performance), molekühl, Nadia Struiwigh (live), Nitrate, Olan Galactica (live), OneFootStep, Payuta (live), PINK MON€Y (performance), Raw Shan, Rubinsteig, Saphileaum, Savage Grounds (live), Schwefelgelb (live), Siegwart, Sky Captain, SØS Gunver Ryberg (live), Vighil, VTSS (live)


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16 Fri Gessnerallee
20.00 bis 07.00
17 Sat Gessnerallee
20.00 bis 07.00