Baby Val / Jeremy Wade / Julian Weber

Intercourse is a dance duet featuring Jeremy Wade and Julian Weber. Extremely vital, rather raw, and at times chaotic, the dancers practice at becoming (hyper)sensitive to the possibilities of reciprocal exchange. Driven by the sound of Zurich-based musician Baby Val, they explore different levels and connotations of the notion of “intercourse” ranging from civic and domestic logistics to intimate, queer corporeality. In the process Wade and Weber work to come to terms with the paradoxes inherent to love, friendship, and collaboration. Intercourse makes the psychological and mental interrelationship between body and body (human and non-human) visible, palpable, and audible in an impossible dance of communion.

Jeremy Wade is a performer, performance maker, curator, and teacher. His recent works explore failure, the death of God, zombie subjectivity, the politics of care, strange modes of being, and post-hope utopian strategies to undermine the social codes that define and oppress bodies.

Julian Weber is a choreographer, dancer, and visual artist. He works intensively on interaction spaces involving bodies, material and movement and develops his own works at the intersection of choreography and the visual arts.


→ no particular language proficiency required
16 Fri Stall 6