Dark Field Analysis

Jefta van Dinther

In Jefta van Dinther’s feverish dream Dark Field Analysis, time, the body, and the sound inspired by songs by PJ Harvey dissolve into a synaesthetic place of dissolution in a setting of diffused light. The bodies of the two magnificent performers Juan Pablo Cámara and Roger Sala Reyner seem almost virtual and, despite their nudity, neither eroticism nor sexuality is a topic. As they move around as if non-existent, they talk about their fascination with blood. The title of the piece refers to a branch of alternative medicine that uses dark field microscopy to diagnose systemic bodily conditions originating in the blood, analyzing it immediately after collection in a “live state.” Dark Field Analysis zooms in on the complexity of life by placing humans in relation to animals, their desires, instincts, and technology. An uncanny state of emergency as an audiovisual experience in which one's own body can hardly be distinguished from its surroundings.

Jefta van Dinther is a dancer and choreographer. He studied at the Amsterdam School of the Arts and lives today in Stockholm and Berlin. The interaction of bodies with light and sound, which often form a synaesthetic symbiosis shaped by club culture, is a central element of his work. Darkness, illusion, (in)visibility, and playing with individual perception often appear in his works, which range from installative settings and smaller, intimate performances to large-scale productions.



→ no particular language proficiency required
17 Sat Halle