Annalyzer / Covic / de Rooij / Jina / Mdluli / Schupp

PINK MON€Y is performance, party, and protest. «Pink money» is the currency of the LGBTI community, the purchasing power of tolerance and associated tourism, e.g., traveling to Cape Town to visit this Mecca of the queer community, where the legislative environment is more liberal than most places in the world. But who gets pink money and at what price? Against labels and pro tolerance, the artist collective celebrates diversity and opposes black and white thinking, discrimination, and violence. In this performance bursting with energy, nightlife is explained as the antipode of everyday life. Always keeping in mind: the far-reaching consequences of race, class, and gender. Because underlying doing business with pink money is a global phenomenon of violence against people who love and live in an another way.


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