The Future Clinic for Critical Care presents: Charity // Anti Charity

/ A Christmas Musical On Acid!

Jeremy Wade & Nina Mühlemann

Free entrance / reservation required:

Critical Care (FCCC) is a socio-cultural, animated practice that actively explores the dirty politics of care and nursing. Using fiction, feminist strategies, subversion, and tricky activist methods, a dream of a more inclusive, less violent world is created. Together with local and international artists, activists, social workers, caregivers, and those being cared for, the topic of care is critically explored through various means including personal stories, theater interventions and dance, lectures that «everyone can understand», «highly theoretical» drag shows, and performative installations.

Alessandro Peter, Dr Braincy, Eddie Ramirez, Evalyn Eatdith, Firdes Atmaca, Lulzim Plakolli, Manuel Weibel, Marouan Mounir, Mirco Eisenegger, Peaches, Roy Fischer
+ DJ Blck Cracker, DJane Nina Nana, DJ Oder Ned

Having already taken place twice during the previous season, on account of its great success and popularity, the FCCC will be continued until 2020.



→ in english and german

 Free entrance / reservation required:

08 Sat Nordflügel