H0 – Institute for Metamorphosis, Benjamin Burger & Michaela Büsse

This three-day multi-sensory and experimental event OTHERWISE is the first event of the long-term art and research project H0 – Institute for Metamorphosis. OTHERWISE creates an open space for experiencing and exploring different kinds of realities; it aims to make transformative strategies, narratives, and philosophies palpable.
Thirty invited artists and scientists, as well as twenty participants in panel discussions, workshops, and performances will reinterpret the difficulties of this epoch not as the end of the world, but as a turning point.
Global hyper-capitalism, ongoing ecological catastrophes, and political extremism all point to a collapse. Despite the crises and emerging out of the crises, the interdisciplinary group will develop experimental strategies for a radical culture of change.

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The event is already fully booked with core participants.
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01 Fri Südbühne
02 Sat Südbühne
03 Sun Südbühne