Léo Collin / KIT (Kollektiv International Totem)

 «Well?» «Well…in the comment columns they say that it’s possible to have a good time on the boat with a drink or by enjoying the activities. As for the whales, there is always the risk of not seeing them depending on the season. Wait…March is very good!…just bring warm clothes…it seems to be cold on the deck! Here it says: Some users have even seen icebergs! Wow! – I've always wanted to see one!
About the crew, most comments are very positive. They seem to know the whales by heart, they also have a sense of humor, and even do debriefings about ecological issues. Here it also states «emotional»…Ah good! The swell of the sea is often so rough that some passengers have to vomit. The ambivalence of the offer is obvious: At this fast pace you have the chance to see more, meaning you also feel everything.»

The musical theater sound and spatial experiment of the young group Kollektiv International Totem [KIT] takes viewers on a whale watching tour with an uncertain outcome. Between plastic garbage, American blockbusters, rubber whales, and red wine glasses, the setting of a ship restaurant will reflect on the ecology of human presence in relation to the rest of the world.


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