Hotel der Immigranten

Ein musiktheatrales Projekt von Anne Jelena Schulte, CapriConnection, Christof Kurzmann, Estrella del Oriente / Pedro Roth, Jonas Kocher, Leonel Kaplan und Tebbe Schöningh

«Argentina, Argentina – That's where Maradona comes from!»

This is what the German Jewess Johanna heard when she first returned to Europe fifty years after fleeing. As popular as Maradona is, so do the hundreds of thousands of Europeans seem to be forgotten who found refuge there from the dictatorships and poverty of the last century.

«Refugees: want to come here,» according to contemporary perception in Europe.
CapriConnection has traveled to Argentina to assume a different point of view.
In poetically condensed texts by Anne Jelena Schulte, the group tells about Europeans who climbed onto overcrowded ships in order to save their lives and found their first accommodations in asylum in Hotel der Immigranten [The Immigrant Hotel] on the Rio de la Plata. A performer and three musicians from Argentina, Austria, and Switzerland heighten these stories in a timeless sound space. During the second part of the evening the stage belongs to Estrella del Oriente, an artist collective from Buenos Aires. They report about their project La ballena va llena, a whaling ship that declares people to be artworks and gives them free travel to any port.


→ in German, Spanish, English (with simultaneous translation into German)
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