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/ Showing the Youth Dane Project «Kids in Dance»

Bettina Aremu / Sabine Schindler

«A place is both protagonist and basis. Somewhere at a location, a particular reality arises. Maybe a village. People emerge, react to each other, take possession of the place, change it, and then disappear. At this place there is a lot and much more: psychotic mood, rain, dawn, dusk, and maracujas. Life. At this place relationships change. Fleeting. A kaleidoscope of society. To endure the weather, we become actors in a community. And now we butt up against those who are so close to and yet so far from us.»

For the second time a group of youth from Zurich North meet every Tuesday evening over a period of six months and dance together. They experiment, create, overcome boundaries, show themselves, have the courage to take risks, and above all: are on the move. Arnisa, Bianka, Elena, Evi, Fatemeh, Hifa, Julie, Melissa, Rocio, and Sophia speak ten different languages, go to school or are in vocational training, feel for a shorter or longer time at home in Zurich, and are: just plain here! Together with the choreographer Sabine Schindler and the social pedagogue Bettina Aremu they have developed a dance-like choreography.


→ no special language skills required

free admission/reservation recommended: 

29 Fri Halle
31 Sun Halle