La Veronal

«Imagine this place that everybody is talking about. The place where we will transform the present-day world. The world that is the result of all our efforts over the past years. This place we call progress. This place, this planet could be called Pasionaria.»

At the same time, passion simultaneously denotes taking action and standing still, suffering and joy, love and death. In Pasionaria, Marcos Morau searches for the common thread that connects these very different forces and at the same time tracks their heterogeneous meanings. The Spanish choreographer and his outstanding dance company La Veronal have become known for their narrative power and interdisciplinary grasp. In their new production they explore not only what makes humanity human, but also what is marginalized by science and morality: humanity’s wishes and desires, dreams and passions. For Netflix fans an absolute must! For everyone else too!


→ no special language skills required → free admission on March 30
30 Sat Halle
31 Sun Halle