Chro no lo gi cal

/ A Kind of Choreographed Concert

Yasmine Hugonnet

The speed of atoms, gravitational waves, flashbacks, and déjà vus, the voices of ghosts in the voices of the living, dances after the end of time, the survival of archaic knowledge in the new clothing of the present:

Just as it is with black holes, which swallow time in the universe, so it also is with language, which creates a gap in the body. It is pure presence and thereby always a bit behind or ahead of the world. The ventriloquism, which the Lausanne choreographer Yasmine Hugonnet and her colleagues Audrey Gaison and Ruth Childs have incorporated for Chro no lo gi cal, makes this gap visible: a gap between face and voice, a gap between voice and words, a movement of thought that goes from the bottom upwards. It emerges in the same breath, crosses the face, and takes shape in a dance.


→ no special language skills needed
04 Sat Halle
05 Sun Halle