Remember the Dragons

BERLIN / hetpaleis / Kopergietery

Warning! Remember the Dragons is a big celebration of lies that only young people are allowed to attend and where the most beautiful and crazy stories are told, many seemingly too absurd to be true. A girl from Morocco is never hungry, feels no pain, and needs almost no sleep. A boy from Denmark knows since his fourth birthday that he would rather be a girl. A boy of the same age from South Africa has constructed dozens of crop circles with his grandfather. At night. Totally in secret. True or a bunch of lies?

Thirty children are seated at an oval table. They are watching videos on thirty different screens in which children from twenty-one countries tell fascinating stories. In fifteen different languages. The viewer is both participant in the story and witness to the plot. What makes a really good story? What is actually true? What’s just invented? And, is it even important to know?


→ for Children Only → from age 11 to 16
13 Thu Halle
14 Fri Halle
15 Sat Halle