In the middle of Nowhere – your absence fills the space

Simone Truong

Welcome to Nowhere: Please take your shoes off and leave your belongings behind. It is dark in here and the floor is soft. There are no chairs to stumble over and no walls to hold your back, only bodies all around: moving, resting. departing. arriving. passing through. listening. As the light illuminates the space, the gaze opens up upon a migrating landscape, a living sculpture of which we are all part of.

«In the middle of Nowhere – Your absence fills the space» deals with the topic of migration in an ever-changing society, where identity cannot be defined merely by one's origin. The project suggests a research on bodies in transition in a history-in-the-making. Here, migration is not only understood in a classical way, where people change their place of residency - voluntarily or forcedly -, but also in a broader sense, as a moment in transition, a rupture with the familiar, a departure into the unknown and therewith a feeling of being lost.


→ non-language-based → Duration: 75 Mins
23 Wed Halle
24 Thu Halle
25 Fri Halle
26 Sat Halle
27 Sun Halle