City in Transition Festival #02

Architecture for Refugees Schweiz

Human rights, education, basic human needs, belonging, communities, Maslow pyramid, globalisation, think social, our responsibility, humanity, architecture, built environment, cities for everyone, no homelessness, refugee issues, inclusive society, living together, … are topics we will discuss during our «Architecture is a Human Right» event.

Please join us to listen four presentations about local and international projects on schools, housing, community developments, …! Our presenters, Beatrice Fontana - FOGO area in Zürich, Pascal Angehrn - Refugee housing in Switzerland, Bogdán Funk and Gergo Kiss - Newill Academy Development - Building a school in Ghana and Bence Komlosi - Architecture is a Human Right, will share their stories in their short presentations. After the presentations we will have an open discussion with all the guests and visitors.

Doors: 16:45

CiT: Volks-Ball
After the presentations and discussion, we will have a Volks-Ball with Afghani dinner and dance! Reserve your seat until the 12th of December! The dinner with drinks and dance will have a solidarity price of 32 Francs.

Further information about the «Architecture is a Human Right» movement: HERE

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